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Daphnée Sergerie is a Montreal-based artist and 2022 graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal. Her expertise spans from dance trapeze to vertical dance, including slackline, contemporary dance, sway pole and more. Her high-level background in artistic gymnastics, combined with years of dance training, supports the artist that she is today. 


At the intersection of dance and circus, Daphnée develops a colorful and innovative aerial vocabulary on each of her acrobatic apparatus, creating visual landscapes imbued with poetry and geometry. Her travels to natural reserves, colorful mountains and lush forests have evoked an immense curiosity within her, facing the vastness of nature and its pure beauty—themes that lie at the heart of her artistic creations. 


Since graduating, she performed with “Montréal Complètement Cirque”, “Catwall Acrobats”, the “Compagnie Invisible”, Geneviève Dupéré's “Éch2osystème” project as well as developing her own projects. In June 2023, she conceived and presented her first original vertical dance piece with her collective “Lune & L’autre”: À toutes les choses dans le ciel (To All Things in the Sky). 


Simultaneously, Daphnée continues to hone her craft through various training programs. She refines her mastery of dance trapeze under the mentorship of Kalina Sutter, trains in vertical dance with the company “Look-up Arts” in Quebec and with Magalie Lanriot in Portugal, enhances her knowledge in eco-conception with the company “Écoscéno” and broadens her skills in acrobatic rigging as well as in entrepreneurship through the "Femme en Mouvement" course. 


Alongside her career as a creator and performing artist she has collaborated with the “Ionyx Gymnastics Center” as a choreographer and dance instructor since 2018.  


Daphnée is a passionate, committed, and dedicated artist, continually seeking authenticity and sensitivity in her work. 

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